Nural Şentunalı was born in 1962, studied Astronomy at the Istanbul University.

She started working with clay and ceramics in Eskişehir in 1998.

Her works are exhibited in Istanbul, Ankara and Bodrum.

For the World Museum Day celebration  2012 in the castle of Bodrum, she designed a “tablet dress” for the opera singer.

Her poem for Hekate was composed and performed at the world premiere of the lyric performance “Hekate’s Lament” 2014 in the Bodrum Castle by soprano Gülderen Erdoğmuş.

Mythology and archeology of ancient civilizations in Anatolia and Mesopotamia became her special  area.

She used red clay for pottery  at the traditional lathe and by using  ancient ovening technics she  get the grey metallic colour, which  carried her “pottery art” from the past to the future.

Since 2000 she is carrying on her ceramic and pottery works in her studio in Bodrum.

Nural Şentunalı



1999 Eskişehir Güzel Sanatlar Galerisi Karma Sergi

2002 Atölye Sergisi (Bodrum)

2003 İstanbul Tüze Sanatevi Kişisel Sergi

2005 Berlin, Turkisches  Haus Sanatevi (Karma Sergi)

2004 Ankara Artı Sanat Galerisi Kişisel Sergi

2012 Dünya Müzeler Günü Seramik Tablet Sunumu

2014 İstanbul Seramik Sanat Günleri (Karma Sergi)

2015 15'inci Yıl Atölye Sergisi (Bodrum)

2015 Bodrum Tasarım Vakfı / İstanbul,  "Zamanın Anları" (Karma Sergi)

2016 İngiltere/Hatfield Art in Clay (Karma Sergi)

2018 Bandırma Belediyesi Barış Manço Kültür Merkezi "Sevgi Duvarı"

2018 SERES Eskişehir 

2018 Bodrum "Hakan Aykan Kültür ve Sanat Merkezi" Kişisel Sergi